Home Decorating with Native American Touches

by Painter Lady

There is not a style as absolute as Native American, but there are subtle touches that you can add to almost any style to get that feel. The southwestern style of home decorating and design would actually make a good match for many Native American artifacts, touches, and artwork.

pots photo credit: ChazWags

Pottery is an essential artwork of the Native American theme. Each different tribe has their own styles of making their pottery. If you don’t have a favorite tribe, you may have a favorite style of pottery. If you do, you may want to design the room, or a part of the room, around your preferred pottery. Pottery is multifunctional, it can be a part of the décor, or you can use the pottery for eating or to pot a plant. If you’re going to purchase it, you might as well put it to good use.

To capture the essence of Native American Décor, the artwork is a must have. Anywhere from paintings to sand art is a must. Having such things is a great tribute to one’s ancestry. Pottery is also included, but with all three touches is perfect for an all well-designed room.

Native North American Art (Oxford History of Art)

Did you know that the Native Americans played the flute? Some decorators display a collection of Native American flutes next to the artwork. Baskets are also a theme of the Native American. They are also not only beautiful but useful. Baskets can be used for holding blankets, knitting supplies, rugs, pillows, and magazines. They even help with holding remote controls and coasters.

There really isn’t a wrong way to decorate your home. It’s yours after all. Keep the things you like and exclude the things you don’t. You don’t even have to stick with one tribe, design, style, or region. Just decorate with the Native American touch that suits you.

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