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by Painter Lady

Old World Interiors: A Modern Interpretation

If you loved the elements of nature, “Old World” style would be a great approach for you. You can use the elements from nature such as metals, stone, wood, and clay. When combining these elements you create an ambiance that is timeless.

Decorating your kitchen in the old world style works great with modern day kitchens. Like many homes, the kitchen is the main family center. It seems that this is the room where they family, and friends, like to gather together. The meals are prepared and eaten there, the family makes and goes over plans there, and even school work is sometimes done in the kitchen. For these reasons, it makes sense that it would be the most luxurious and comprehensively decorated room in the home.

You may want to consider plaster or a soft faux finish when you start with the walls. This will give your old world style a accurately ancient look. The shades of golds and yellows are a perfect choice to blend with terra cottas and stone colors. The accent of dark stained woods would be the ideal touch.

Next would be your lighting. Make sure that it doesn’t go against the old world look of your kitchen. You don’t want to be too modern with your lighting fixtures. Wrought iron and chandeliers would be the perfect type of fixtures. Low light wall fixtures are also a good bonus to the lighting.

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Speaking of lighting, candles are also great to enhance the old world appearance of your kitchen. Candles create a great mood and warmth to any room, but it also gives off a great fragrance to fill the air.

Just stay with your natural elements. Let your mind’s eye fly when creating the old-world impression in your kitchen. You just might surprise yourself.

New Spaces, Old World Charm (Elements of Living)

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