Decorating You Home with a Creole Twist

by Painter Lady

With all the styles of architecture and decorating around the world, only a handful has come close to the style often referred to as “French Creole.” Although New Orleans has made the architecture of Creole decorating style famous, it is profoundly borrowed from many other cultures.

Wrought iron, long shutters, huge windows and doors, and bright colors come to mind when thinking of the Creole style. This style of architecture and home decorating is also legendary for huge balconies which also are adorned with wrought iron railing.

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The miraculous thing about the Creole style of home decorating is that there is not one exclusive characteristic that labels a design style as decidedly as Creole. Lagniappe is a term used in New Orleans that means “a little something extra.” That little something extra has a long history in New Orleans. From the architecture to the music, there always seems to be a little something extra that you can’t get anywhere else.

Decorating with a Creole twist on the inside of the home is quite similar. Some designers think it’s extravagant but the locals in New Orleans consider it something extra. You may find a little bit of a jazzy style, a little bit of a Gothic style, but a whole lot of Mardi Gras.

For those who need some inspiration, there are 4 items you can’t go wrong with while decorating with a Creole twist.

1. Red peppers. You can find numerous items with red peppers in almost any store.
2. Music notes. Music notes are a great way to symbolize what made New Orleans famous.
3. Mardi Gras masks. The masks are a way that people from around the country can bring the spirit of New Orleans home.
4. Food. You can use jars of beans, rice, pastas, and more.

The thing to keep in mind is that Creole is more of an attitude than a design style. Design with the attitude of “No Worries” and your home will definitely have the Creole twist you’re looking for.

New Orleans Style: Past and Present

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